Imagine Your Skill in Action

God has new seasons of growth for our life. God will take us out of our comfort area and guide us to situations that will make us strive for our faith. God always has something major in front of us, new doors of great opportunities, in different areas of our lives. God loves us too much to just leave us as we are, but logically we should do our part.

It is very easy to fall into the depanties of life, day by day or what society has driven us, or family patterns, this happens to us when we are comfortable in the place that we are, we do not really try to work beyond, sometimes we do not listen to our heart and let sleep our dreams, to go more far than allowed. We have to remember that we have much more in our interior, we have to keep in mind that we were created to be abundant, to be creators of great things, to strive and accentuate our skills. Every human being been blessed with unique skills and talents. Why not use them? and put them into operation. There are studies that say that the average human being only uses 11% of his brain. Why not use 100%? If that's what we were created for. Today reinvent yourself and begin to develop your unique and unicast skills that God has given you. Today is the day, you are the architect of your destiny.

Life is Better with YOU!

and has filled us with wisdom of heart, to do all work of art and invention and embroidery in blue, purple, crimson, fine linen and loom, to make all labor, and invent all design.

Exodus 35:35 rvr1960

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