It is the joy of the spirit, it is the feeling of complacency to possess
or to remember something appetizing. Joy, is any action that generates happiness, thrill, and a sense of enjoyment to the human being. Joy is a virtue emanating from the Holy Spirit.
It is the effect of charity and it is a profound joy that the Holy Spirit infuses those who deposit their faith in God. Joy differs from happiness in that it does not depend on external circumstances, but is determined by the activity of the Holy Spirit inside a person. If the circumstances of life have taken away our joy, it is time to rescue ourselves. We cannot follow a life of exhaustion, discouragement, and negativity. God created us to be happy and joyful. We are what we project, we are what we have inside. This is when you must choose if you want to keep continuing living a miserable life.
Get for your life, God wants to see you prosperous and happy, learn to enjoy each of your days, do not let depression, defeat, intolerance win you. Strive to recover and keep your joy every day of your life. If you do not live a life full of misery and then you will have nothing to offer to your family, friends and humanity around you. When you have joy, you can inspire and influence the people around you for good.

You love him despite not having seen him: And though you do not see him now, believe in him and rejoice in an indescribable and glorious joy.

1 Peter 1:8 NIV

Today’s decree: That I will live a happy life despite the circumstances. I'm going to smile at life. Today I refuse to live a life of bitterness, negativity, discouragement and unhappiness.  I want to live happily and give happiness to those around me.

Remember that living and the deep feeling of joy, is totally our strength, our motivator in life. A very personal anecdote, a day in the workplace where I was, I’d approach a co-worker and they would wonder why I was always smiling but because I was always smiling it created a sense of joy and that joy came to the workplace because my inner spirit of joy passed on to my co-workers when I arrived, that despite the difficult moment that I was going through at that time I radiated happiness. He answers, we are alive and it is a powerful reason to be happy I am the girl in the eyes of God.  Today I can tell you that my joy has always been in action, that in difficult times my faith and strength have led me to the deepest joy.  Activate your joy today!

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