When you make Decision,
it Will be carried out, and Light Will Shine on your way.

JOB 22:28 RVR1960

Can You see how powerful is this word DECISION, you are the only one can use. This word is Power and Authority, you are the only one can make the decision in your live. You are the only one can change anything you don’t like in your live, you have the power and authority to take the right decision, just listen to your heart, your heart has all the answers that you need to all those question. God want to help us, just give to him the opportunity to carried out, our life and you will see the light to make the right decision for any situation that you have in this moment. Just Listen to Your Heart and Transform Your Life.

God thank you for trust in me and be in my life. Thank you because you give me more I can deserve. I take the Decision to believe in you and your promise, I believe in you until any of my circumstance. Even when something look impossible, I know can be possible for you and with you. I take the decision to declare You true and convince myself to believe in you.

I Declare I have talent, power and authority to make the right decision to change what I don’t like in my life.
 I am open to the Universe for all Positive things. 


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