Daily we say, What a day! They ask you, how are you today? And you answer ... another day or I’m here.  It sounds familiar to you these simple answers, if true and you are only starting your day, well my friend, I inform you that you can change that frequency of attitude to a better your positivity with these keys that I explain below. First, I want to explain to you why I call it Frequency of Attitude, I call it this simply and plainly because we are source of energy and that energy is channeled in different ways positive or negative.  I always explain to my clients that life is from the optics that we perceive life, if you want to see everything wrong, you will really be wrong, if you see it well, you really will, it is a matter of attitude. As I mention here I explain a bit of the keys to have a better frequency of attitude that has worked for me personally and has helped me a lot in the everyday life and busy life that we all carry.

1. Waking up with GRATITUDE, if we get up thankful for one more day of life and be alive automatically our frequency begins to change, you are sending a clear and concise message of gratitude to the universe.  The universe thanks you and your subconscious begins the day in a Positive attitude frequency.

2. Say THANK YOU for your family, friends, your co-workers, your boss, your children, your life partner, etc.

3. Look in the mirror, and greet yourself with LOVE and JOY. Talk to your inner child tell him how precious he is, how intelligent, successful, abundant he/she is, etc.

4. SAY GOOD MORNING to everyone in your way. Answer the good day with enthusiasm and joy. (A little anecdote, when I worked in a private corporation, I always greeted with enthusiasm and energy, and asked my colleagues and employees how they are doing today and they gave me the same responses (here, another day, etc.) and I told them all the time we should be thankful and grateful, we have life, work, and we can pay our commitments, see and hug our children. They automatically changed their attitude.  A cordial, energizing greeting helps others to have a better attitude around you.

5. Treat others as you would like to be treated. In the Ten Commandments God tells us, love your neighbors as you love yourself. That special treatment, with love, understanding, sweetness, respect, kindness and a good smile makes the difference and changes hostility and negativity to a positive attitude frequency. It can transform common days into a very enlightened day and turn routine jobs into JOY.

 These are some of the keys that I personally have used, and I have worked with my clients; It has worked and I have seen the changes greatly. When we are thankful for life, the universe is aligned to our advantage. When we are balanced and in frequency with the universe, we can see and feel what we previously could not, neither see, nor feel. We can find and see solutions to many situations that we could not solve before, although the answers and solutions were in front of us. “We are an architect of our own destiny”, by Albert Einstein. It makes a lot of sense, we are creators of our successes and uncertainties. Remember with the attitude you project to life and the universe, it will be the same that will be returned. Change your frequency, you're on time. Do not look at the attitudes of others, your attitude is the one that counts to help those who have not found their energy balance or frequency.  For me the most important is gratitude, it can change ordinary opportunities into positive attitude frequency and blessings. Be grateful for life and the universe.

Life is Better with YOU!

by Diana Candelario for GipsyBazaar.

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