Do you expect someone else to make you happy?

Do you expect your vehicle to make you happy?

Do you expect your Big House to make you happy?

Do you expect your friends to make you happy?

Do You expect everything surround you make you happy?

RED Alert, if you answer Yes in any of these questions. You live an FAKE HAPPINESS and Artificial life. You are in imbalance with the universe and with your inner child. (Risk: possible depression)

When we base our happiness on other people or on the material, it is an artificial happiness, totally out of our reality. When you live in artificial happiness nothing is satisfaction, you feel happiness momentarily but in the end, you are completely empty.  That's the saddest, loneliest life I've ever experienced.

No one can make you happy more than yourself, when you find your true inner self, who you really are, and happiness with yourself. It is when we are in real happiness; Remember that we are and attract what we reflect of ourselves is the law of the mirror, which we will talk about another time.

It is in little complex in the current life people will be happy in other people and in the material because they have lost their common sense of analyzing what is real, so it is the existence of so much depression because they are full of an artificial life.

I was in that group of people of fictitious happiness, until it touches bottom to the reality was there, when I really discovered, that nothing was more important than my inner self that everything had cause and effect and that really all came from me.
It was not until then that I could understand that if I was happy inside, the rest was not so important. I stopped importing the acceptance and approval of others, to have the best vehicle, the best clothes, visit the best restaurants and even have the best house. Now I can say that I live a full life, full of joy and a lot of love.

If you are happy and full of yourself, it is when you can work much better, in your relationship of partner, with your children, friendships and even with your work. Daily tasks are simplified in the perfect squaring of alignment with the universe.
Always remember to add to your life. Bless and thank every second in everything you develop for your life and for the life. Bless and thank in difficult and complicated times in life and you will see how difficult is no longer difficult. You can see a better optical the evolution of any situation.

Never expect anyone, or anything material that makes you happy. Because the only thing you can do for sure will be disappointment, disillusion and Big Depression. This is based on a great low self-esteem, ignorance of who you are, and imbalance with universe. But never is to late to re-program your self again and came strong and better version than ever.

They are many therapeutic can help you to heal, (See a professional, make Tapping, Hoponopono,   Neurolinguistics and others etc..).



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